Quotes from the World for January 21st

I defied nothing at all. I ignored the law because I didn’t know it existed. It didn’t occur to me that anyone would want to curb my inspiration.

Margaret Anderson
Margaret Anderson (1886–1973), U.S. editor and memoirist. The Strange Necessity, part 1 (1969).

For several months in the teens of the century, Anderson and a small entourage connected with The Little Review (1914–1929), an important but unremunerative arts magazine that she had founded, set up five tents on a public beach along Lake Michigan north of Chicago. They could not afford rent and had dedicated themselves to spending what little money they had on publishing the magazine. Upon its being pointed out to her later that she had “defied the law” by living on the beach, she said this.

Tap Dancer

Good morning & happy Tuesday.

I couldn’t been a tap dancer.

Today is Tuesday 01/22/V3.4 & it is Dennis’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Dennis.

I could’ve also been a dentist. I am neither of those things, so back up.

Had a good breakfast this morning.

Yesterday was a good day, are I told you this. I found out what my raise for March to February 2015 will be. I also got a bonus. Now I can’t discuss this as the raises & bonuses are based on performance of the past year. To performers get top compensation.

If you were to call me I’m sure I could tell you*.

The word of the day is williwaw which is a violent squall that blows in near-polar latitudes.

Well today is the official day, the $9 ($4 too much) haircut place is open. I will go there after work. At least that is what I put on my blog, but we’ve been there before. I wouldn’t bet on it until ‘hair on the floor’ is seen.

That’s skill that I have planned.

Make it a fantastic day.