Crystal Gale

Where’s my Crystal Gale shirt at?

Good Evening & Happy Saturday.

I’m not wearing a Crystal Gale Shirt. I’m wearing a UNO Mavericks shirt. Proud to say that the teams went 2 out of 3 today. Visit Omaha Athletics for more information. The Track & Swimming & Diving team was also in action. They were at Invitational so there are no winning & losing team. If you ain’t first you are what you are.

Today is Saturday 01/18/V3.4 & how did we do it?

Had a good day at work, lots of good stuff.

I finished reading The Clan Corporate Book Three of The Merchant Princes. Yup I’m going to have to go to the Library tomorrow. I have two books RSVP’d for me

I’ll head there after church tomorrow. Those are the two things on my to do list.

.The word of the day is litigious which is inclined to dispute or disagree; argumentative.

Have a fantastic sleepy time.