No, No, No

That’s not what we planned, grrr.

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

I won’t be going to the University of Nebraska Omaha Hockey game today, booooo.

Today is Friday 01/10/V3.4 & it is going to be a great day.

So I went to Dunkin’ Donuts today. Haven’t been to one since I was in Washington, D.C. in 2011. I kinda feel like I’m cheating on the other Omaha National chain. I’m sure it’ll be buried down deep when I get done with the donuts.

The word of the day is wamble which is to move unsteadily.

I think I’ll go check out the bar near my home today. Today is their judgment day. They’ll be judged on their price alone. That price is $4.75 in a point glass & if it is more/less I won’t be back.

I’m feeling 100% better. Thank YOU body & no drugs, doctors, nurses or medical professionals. Sometimes it just take time.

Tomorrow a portion of the new stuff from Nebraska Furniture Mart comes. So I have that to look forward to after work.

Sunday is church day.

I’m also thinking I’ll go to the library after work today. My book isn’t done yet but I sure hate to be without one.

Make it a great day.