CNN Finds video

Apparently CNN found the video of the questionable behavior of a couple individuals.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

Today we are doing the B-Smile, Smile and encourage other people to smile. You can call it the Bump & Smile if you want.

Today is Wednesday 01/08/V3.4 & it is a day to celebrate.

So I won’t post the video because it is a terrible video & I’m ending the cycle. The video is a young minor who is swearing & be swore at by people who are adults. NOW CNN uses the term racist in their description. NOW the video was filmed by someone, the Omaha Police Officers Association didn’t use any names when the video was posted. They said they were posting it to try to help end the cycle of ‘thug life’; in addition they also called Child Protective Service. There was no crime committed in the video according to them.

I’m not sure what more the police could’ve done to raise awareness of this issue. I’m not sure how this is racist in any means. BUT if a video containing a single individual of a race is racist. Then I’ve filmed alot of racist videos, I also guess self photos would be considered racist. If you are reading this and you ever took a picture of yourself, you just became a racist. Good JOB.

I am quite shocked that the media is trying to say it is racist and putting the screws to the Omaha POA. I didn’t see one of the local stations report on the video until it became racist and ‘controversial’. Good Job there local stations.

The word of the day isĀ welkin which is the sky; the vault of heaven.

Well the day got interesting after this.

I locked myself out when moving the bike. Neighbor roommate literally ignores my calls for help. I was 90 mins late for work.

Work was fantastic the AT’s for David had a meeting.

I came to my other job. Had a meeting, work. Going home in nine minutes.

In off tomorrow, don’t have to do anything. Probably will but I don’t have to .

Do that’s two good days in a row.

Here’s to Friday.