Wait, you actually read that?

Post something on Snapchat, people actually read it? Opps.

Good Morning & Happy Monday.

I snap chat’d with the words ‘future daddy’ I got one congratulations & a question. Now there person who asked the question doesn’t actually know me. The other one does, you would know if Vernon J had a baby on the way. It’d be right here as we decide to share with friends & family.

The word of the day is klaxon which is a loud electric horn, formerly used on automobiles, trucs, etc.

So today we are acquiring an Ugly Sweater for G.A.M.E.’s party tomorrow. We also need to acquire some dish soap. No food is necessary, we are having chicken breast, pasta, & saladid for dinner.

Did you see puppy’s adventures today. Follow me on instagram (VIIX1979) to see them. 2 posted so far more to come.

A puppy on a bus. He's on a bus, where's his song?

Well we are taking the south route to work today. The North toe wasn’t were it should’ve been when it should’ve been there.

What are you doing today?