Ze Special

Ze Special of the day is cool.

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

Well packing & snapping. Visit Photos from Thursday 12/12/V3.4 to see the progression of the moving.

Today is Thursday 12/12/V3.4 & it is Patricia’s Birthday.

Here’s a little art work today.

I’m a magician. #MD it us cheaper to buy the bar of cream cheese & container it yourself. Also don’t fall for that whipped cream cheese, can we all say ‘scam’?

I was buying the tubs & realized that the bar was cheaper. That whipped cream cheese is even worse.

Well I’m watching The Price is Right, Bob Barker is back. He is XC years old today.

Make it a great day.

The word of the day is lipogram which is a written work composed to avoid the use of specific alphabetic characters.