Quotes from the World for Tuesday 12/31/MXIII

Modern man must descend the spiral of his own absurdity to the lowest point; only then can he look beyond it. It is obviously impossible to get around it, jump over it, or simply avoid it.

Václav Havel
Václav Havel (b. 1936), Czechoslovakian playwright, president. Disturbing the Peace, ch. 2 (1986, trans. 1990).

Don’t Do It

Good Morning & Happy 2013,

Oh, you already fell?

Today is Tuesday 12/31/V3.4 & it is time for an adventure.

The reporter Brittany from Utah was reporting live and passed out and fell down. Read the Twin Tested Blog – B&B

The word of the day is sozzled which is drunk; inebriated. I won’t get sozzled tonight, or any weeknight this week. I gotta work tomorrow, you know cause it is Wednesday.

Yesterday I was planning to go to the Omaha Public Library to pick up my reservations. Almost about the time I was planning to leave I remembered that The Benson Branch was closed. So today I will actually do that.

I just finished reading Theft of Swords Author Michael J. Sullivan’s Official Website: Books, I read 3/5ths of the series so far. I’ve also started a new series. The Merchant Princes by Charles Stross. I do love reading like I love me some delicious Ice Cream.

I don’t have any firm plans for the weekend either. Thursday is laundry day, Friday & Saturday back to work. But I could be convinced to do something. You know how to reach me :-).

Have a fantastic day.

Less than 48

There are less than 48 hours left in the year.

Good Morning Evening & Happy Monday,

So what are we going to do? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?

Today is Monday 12/30/V3.4 & it is almost back to normal.

The word of the day is Yarborough which is a hand in which no card is higher than a nine.

I had a good day at work, the last call went a little long.

Caught the later bus home.

Went to the G-Store and got some food and other stuff for the next few days.

Enjoy your day.


I’m 75+% unpacked from the move.

Good Afternoon & Happy Sunday,

We did over 12 hours of unpacking, putting together furniture yesterday. Getting it done, like a boss.

Today is Sunday 12/29/V3.4 & it is negative 7 degrees in Omaha right now.

I got my nap in today, for a couple hours and that’s okay.

The fitness center isn’t all that jazzy, it is below ground. Nice mirrors though, so you can see yourself getting ready in that swim suit body. We’ve got an Ice Machine and a dishwasher, things I haven’t had since living with my parent’s.

So tomorrow the new adventure to work begins. It will be about the same, I’ll leave and get there the same time. Just have less walking to do.

The word of the day is oeillade which is an amorous glance; ogle.

I hope you have a GREAT day!!!

Quotes from the World for Saturday 12/28/MXIII

The pursuit of perfection, then, is the pursuit of sweetness and light…. He who works for sweetness and light united, works to make reason and the will of God prevail.

Matthew Arnold
Matthew Arnold (1822–1888), British poet, critic. Culture and Anarchy, ch. 1 (1869).

These words recall Swift’s evocation of mankind’s “two noblest of things, which are sweetness and light.” (See culture.).


Twitter / Vernon_J_: #TWSS I’ve never heard that …

Good Evening & Happy Friday,

I left the bar and told the waitress I was going home to take apart a couch. She said she had never heard that one before.

Today is Friday 12/27/V3.4 & it is 2 weeks since I sent Dani a message. two weeks ago.

Of course she wasn’t ‘ignoring’ them, no way that’d happen.

BUT no biggie, I ignore friend requests on fb all the time. I did add someone tonight, Good story behind that.

The word of the day is quadrille which is a square dance for four couples.

Well tomorrow is my last day of this current era living in midtown. As you see I’ve changed my address on the bottom of the page.

I’ll update it for everyone :

Vernon J
11101 T Plz., Apt. 302
Omaha, NE 68137

Make it a great day.

One & Two

One more day of work this week.
Two more days of work this year.

Good Morning & Happy Thursday.

Can we count the hours that we have left & make the most of it?

Today is Thursday 12/26/V3.4 & it is ALL YOU WANT IT to be. I want it to be ALOT & funny.

After work today, I’m going to visit some friends. Then back home to do the last of the packing. I just have a few dishes to wash & a few clothes to box up. Still have my TV & PC’s to put away. I think my downstairs neighbor is going to take the couch. Craig’s list was a bust. I think I’ll be taking apart the other couch tonight. Maybe that is a tomorrow project.

This has been quite an adventure, just think we might have to do it again next year. So Missy (whoever you are) you have until about December 1st to make this happen. Just imagine celebrating the month together next year.

The word of the day is schmaltz which is informal, exaggerated sentimentalism, as in music or soap operas.

Well the last day of work was good. Someone’s burning some rice or something.

A good weekend ahead is planned, I imagine for other people.

I wasn’t able to get this posted via the mobile because of connection issues. This is a little harder to do on the phone.

Hope you had a good day.