YES, I Do!

As someone who wants to be married, for Love, Happiness, Companionship, Help me make all life’s important decisions as a 50/50 partner. I can’t see a reason for not someone to be married.

Good Fuel

My next book contains 562 pages of reading. Freedom by Jonathan Frazen. Let’s enjoy.

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

I hope your day is Great, Stupendous, Amazing, which ever word you choose to use.

Today is Friday 11/29/V3.4 & we are packing November’s coat, so it can go on a vacation.

The word of the day is wight which is active; nimble.

There were II Forks

I thought I left my fork in the kitchen, but I didn’t.

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

So now I have II forks to eat breakfast with. NOW this is a First World Problem.

Today is Saturday 11/30/V3.4 & it is Nicole’s Birthday.

It is also the last day of November 2013, the 334th day of the year. 31 days until the end of the year, 76 days until Valentine’s Day, 180 days until #0529.

The word of the day is suppletory which is supplying a deficiency. I do this every month day.

So what is going on after work before 2200? I’m open to all ideas. So far this week I’ve turned down an invite to Redneck’s. It is too far from Vernon J’s Magic Shop. Also I’m not sure I want to hang out with my co-workers in that type of atmosphere.

Well make it a better day than number on a napkin kinda day.