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1000’s of smiles.

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday! Today is Tuesday 11/19/V3.4 & it is a day to rejoice.

We have 1000’s of smiles we can see throughout the week, are you contributing to the average?

I picked a short sleeve shirt, I then changed my mind and grabbed a sweater.

This was me lady night before 2100.
A nice relaxing evening & all wrapped up. I was in bed by 2115. A good night’s sleep was had. No dreams cine to mind right now.

The 2nd thong I changed my mind about was lunch. I remember I had some tortilla chips & bacon ranch cheddar dip. I was disappointed in the number of broken chips though. I had to be selective in my selection.

The word of the day is commix which is to mix together; blend.

Mayor Ford’s issue reminds me of the recall effort of Omaha’s last Mayor. Mayor Ford had done multiple illegal & questionable things. He is acting like it is right. Aside from the legality issues, some would consider it a moral issue. I’m one of those people.

Now the City Council can’t remove him from office and he isn’t resigning. Here in Nebraska we can petition to recall someone cause they wore black shoes instead of brown shoes. Both of those situations are extreme.

Elected officials should be removed or recalled for sound verifiable actions against the law. Inconsistent leadership is a failure of a Government body.

What do you think?