Media bias

People have told me numerous times that I can’t say “I am not a Husker fan”, because I live in #Nebraska & that is ‘wrong’. Well I just said it, AGAIN!!!.

But this isn’t about the current team. OR sports IN GENERAL. This is about the coverage choice of WOWT 6 News, KETV NewsWatch 7, Action 3 News, Omaha World-Herald,. They have decided that a former players pardon is more important (or newsworth) than the other pardons that were heard today. I know that an employee of OWH was there & is aware of the other (at least 10) to come before the review board.

Why doesn’t the media report the entire hearing?

Come Mon Unnamed Person

Gotta do it right.

Good Morning & Happy Thursday. Today is 11/14/V3.4 & it is the 1st 2nd home game for University of Nebraska Omaha Basketball game.

The tipoff is at 1900, tickets are $8 & $5. I won’t be there as I have a fundraiser for Gwenn Aspen for Legislature. I also won’t be going to see Braid Paisley at the CenturyLink Center Omaha, but Deb will.

This week’s How I Met Your Mother was a better episode than all the other ones for the season. There was a line “Our facebook friend request has been pending for VIII months”, does this remind you of anything? YUP that I don’t approve people right away. It goes back to the Don’t Call Us, we’ll Call You.

The word of the day is commissure which is a joint; seam; suture.

So on today’s agenda we have laundry and dishes. We can’t forget about the nap as well.

Have a GREAT Day & Keep Smiling.