Is colder better?

Sunday wasn’t cold & was a good day.
Monday was cold & was a better day.
Today is colder & will be a great day.

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday. On the next blog entry we will be sharing stories of Vernon J’s day.

Today we visit a todo from yesterday. I won’t say what it is, you can read it right on this blog.

Yesterday was a really good day, personally & professionally. I got an interview for a Senior Processing Specialist. I also completed my application for the Chocolate store.

The word of the day is diathesis which is Pathology, a constitutional predisposition or tendency, as to a particular disease or affection.

I was reelected Vice President of the Joslyn Castle Neighborhood Association.

I had dinner, my neighbor enjoyed my cornbread as did I.

I came home and started watching Coming to America. I was also invited to my first Thanksgiving event of the year. There’s a story extension from there.

So First Data is moving to a High Deductible health plan. So I have to pay $1,200(700) before the co-insurance will activate. I’ll then be 20/80 until $3,000. I’ve figured I’ll pay about $1,800 with the costs from last year. So I’ll put $1,300 in my HSA via payroll deduction.

We’ll make our a great day.