Meeting today

Yeah, I get to have a meeting at work today.

Good Morning & Happy Monday. Today is Monday 11/11/V3.4 & it is Veteran’s Day. Thanks to everyone who has answered the call and signed up to serve.

The meeting at work is about the health care changes at work. Although at this point I’ve received no less than 5 previous communications about them. The benefit I’m going to get the most out of is the HSA. It’ll cover my co-pay,

The word of the day is roger which is all right; O.K.

So let’s discuss what shall happen after work? I’m going to go by Russell Stover’s. They just remodeled & have a Help Wanted sign. I’ve got help. It would be the perfect temporary part-time job. Close to home, not to hard. I also LOVE chocolate.

I need/want to visit the card store.

Then I’m going to the library to exchange books. The branch isn’t open on Monday.

We then have our monthly neighborhood meeting. Starts at 1900, shouldn’t go more than an hour.

I’m then going home. Today is my short workday, excluding Friday. I currently don’t have anything planned that day.

Make It Fantastic.