Racist comments are now Sarcasm?

So now a racist act is now as Sarcasm?

Good Morning & Happy Saturday. Today is the 9th of November in the 35th year of Vernon J.

So I commented on this picture Dear americans, is this accurate? – Imgur, my user name is VJ68131. Vernon J 68131 incase you are wondering what that stands for. So the guy responds with this.
Capture Apparently the problem is that my sarcasm isn’t working. NOT the fact that you said a racist comment. I’m still not calling him racist, because I don’t know him. You shouldn’t defend your racist comments with humor. It was racist, deal with it.

Here’s to just accepting responsibility for what you do & say.

The word of the day is en bloc which is as a whole. 

I told two people that Thor: The Dark World was good. This was before I saw it. There was good laughs & serious parts. I’d smash a couple aliens with a Mini for you. If you were on the fence about seeing this movie, why? Also go see it. This isn’t a review of the movie, cause you shouldn’t read my reviews or anybody else’s.

So what’s going on today?