The Biggest

From Chris Christie & Others. Leadership is much more about Listening than talking.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday Folks. Today is Wednesday 11/06/V3.4 & it is Andrea’s, Mike’s, and Melinda’s Birthday. Celebrate with them.

How are you going to make this The Biggest day of the week?

I’m excited to be excited

The word of the day isĀ adscititious which is added or derived from an external source; additional.

Yesterday was a good & healthy day.

So yesterday I mentioned a TOP secret project. Well I’m here to tell you what that secret is now. I went to the Willa Cather Branch of the Omaha Public Library and picked up The Third Kingdom by Terry Goodkind. I also returned two books. Nothing fancy or secret about me.

So yesterday I went to The Berry & Rye establishment. It is a quiet fancy place. The drinks are not under $5, the atmosphere is what you are paying for. The water is Gluten Free, if you are ever in the area stop by.

Well that’s it for now. More on later additions of WVJN.