Deserve It

You Deserve It, You Must Provide It.

I Deserve It, I Provide It.

Good Morning & Happy Birthday. Today is Sunday 11/03/V3.4 & it is Sara’s Birthday.

We are on the 2nd day off ot the 3 days off journey. So today we are going to have breakfast, church, a special little treat for me, I’m suppose to get my hair braided, I will also need to go to the food/money exchange place.

There is also that little race from the the 3rd biggest state. Let’s do it Matt Kenseth, who is currently leading the points by 0. It is a tie breaker thing, so he needs to finish higher than Jimmy Johnson by at least 1 point and higher than 16th to maintain the points lead over anyone who is in 3rd or wors.

The word of the day is vexations causing vexation; troublesome; annoying; a vexatious situation. Oh so like a little brother or sister, they are so vexatious.

I’d like to give a shoutout to the University of Nebraska Omaha Women’s Basketball team, and Hockey team as they won their respective competitions yesterday. The Cross Country and Swimming teams had a tough day out there. Visit Omaha Athletics for more information. GO MAVS!

I did leave the couch yesterday and went to play a couple board games, and had some delicious ribs. I don’t really know where to go from there, cause they were delicious.

Make it a GREAT day!!!

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