Lazy & Texts

Good Afternoon & Happy Sunday,

A Lazy day. Went to the store for my neighbor, and then went to church. Went to the store for myself. As I’m unloading my groceries I realized that I left my yogurt un-refrigerated when I brought it home yesterday.

Today is Sunday 10/06/V3.4 & it is Kylon’s Birthday!!!

So someone texted me and they seem cool. Until I asked them if they were watching the race. He responded I’m not gay. Which is clearly making a good impression on people. That isn’t acceptable or respectable behavior. What inspires someone to say that? Why not say No, or I don’t watch racing? What do you think of that?

I just did this: Dinosaur That’s how awesome I am.

So tonight I’m going to make me some burger, fries, and have a saladid. The burger is going to be ground chicken and italian sausage with respective seasonings. The fries will be home made and fried on the stove.

Well it is getting to be the cold season in the living area, I wanted to put on my too small sweat pants, but couldn’t find them. They are too small (by length), it is tough when you are my size. If you get the sweat pants from the Big & Tall store they are two big. The smallest waist they have is 42-44XL. Which is 8 sizes too big, not that I would ever wear sweat pants outside the privy of my front door. I’ll wear them to the laundry room and that is it. I know it is a First World Problem though.

As I’m looking at imgur, I came across this.

QOnru9F v4gGUGg That’s a good story, and I hope I am living my life that way.

At least I’m trying to.

The word of the day is malign which is to speak harmful, untruths about; speak evil of; slander.

You can be sued for malign so you outta watch what you speak.

Looking forward to this week. The University of Nebraska Omaha Mavericks Hockey team returns to the ice. This time tomorrow the CenturyLink Center will be lit up and ready for some Hockey.

Are yOu reAdy for Hockey?

So as a follow-up to my posts.

I’ve come to know John Hodgson over twiter and we’ve skyped once. He is a single day who lives in South Dakota. Enjoys some Dairy Queen and is a truck owner. He operates out of the Sioux Falls, SD area. Logistics Solutions. Great Guy, but he does like the Huskers Football Team.

Well that is it for now.

Vernon J out.