How the Republicans have ruined everything

Good Morning & Happy Sunday,

So I asked on facebook & twitter what people wanted me to blog about.

My friend Mike posted this:

I told Mike that is an unqualified statement. I told him I’d indulge it any way.

A few additional statements would have helped Mike.

  • Which Republicans?
  • What’s is everything?
  • How has it be ruined?

Has there been Democrat/Republican/Other Presidents? Yes there has.

Has there been Republican/Other/Democrat Senators? Yes there has.

Has there been Other/Democrat/Republican Representatives to the House? Yes there has.

What do a majority of these people (of the last 50 years) have in common. The qualified voters of The United States of America have sent these people to do a job as Representatives to Washington, D.C.

If you ask me what there job is, I’ll tell you:

  • It is to present a budget that is sustainable to  the receipts of the Federal Government and not a $.01 more.
  • It is to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic.
  • It is there job to stay the heck out of my business (as long as it is legal)
  • They have failed on all 3 occasions.

The Republicans didn’t ruin everything.

My name is Vernon J.

I’m a resident and citizen of The United States of America.

The United States of America is the best country in the world and we can be better.

As a registered and actually voter it is my job to send the best person to Washington, D.C.

On Tuesday 11/04/V3.3 I voted for Mitt Romney, Deb Fischer, and Lee Terry. Those are the people I sent to do the job. Deb & Lee are doing the job to the best of their ability.

Mike what is the job you want the President, Senators, and Representatives to do?