The bread is

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday!

The bread is too small & that’s a big piece of bread.

Today is Wednesday 09/18/V3.4 & it double the month date.


This is what I’m talking about. This is a level of problem to me. This isn’t really a problem, that is how great my life is.

How great is your life?

On top of the too big meat, I’m eating bacon right now.

More pictures to be uploaded soon from this morning.

Last night was a good night for Team Vernon J. We went out and had a drink of water. I’ve already posted that on instagram & twitter. BUT you know this man.

I then got a super secret text from Jim. He was on a non-recon mission and the recon was a A- at best. He did move himself back in the Top 5.

Well I’m not the only one who left my badge at home today. Still a GREAT day round these parts.

So I listened to Billy Currinton’s new album today, good job Billy.

More to come!