Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

Let Everyone Advocate New

Today is Tuesday 09/17/V3.4 & it is BBQ & Pints night.

I wish I would’ve checked the rain guage yesterday for today. Me & my trusty Omaha umbrella are ready to be dry though. Always protecting me when I need it.

What is protecting you when you need it?

There is more than an umbrella protecting me. I’ve got god, bike helmet, lights, brakes, & reflective vest. Can forget about my health insurance, which I’m grateful to have.

The word of the day is fleer which is a grin or laugh coarsely or mockingly.

So today will be a good day! Sandy!

You know I’ve lost a pen & a pencil since I’ve worked at 7301!

I don’t appeciate it very much. You gotta not lose pens.

What are you looking forward to?

Sometimes I look at my categories and wonder why I put that up and what entry it goes with. I’m sure it is fine.

Well I had a good day at work, I worked and did stuff.

Now I’m chilling and relaxing at home. It was raining at least until my last break, but that’s okay.

So tonight we are doing this or that..