My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Saturday Eve,

I just wanted to share with you what the upcoming week is like for Vernon J.

The Number 2 member of #TeamVernonJ.

On Saturday I work 0500 to 1200, that’s right I start my week an hour earlier. Then I’m going to see stomp.

I’m off of work on Sunday, but I’ll be helping out with the NORCECA Continental Championships. My shift is from 0700 to 1200. so it isn’t that much different from my normal Sunday. I’ll also be going to play tennis, you’re welcome to join us. Feel free to contact me for more/less information.

Monday is a work day, nothing specialĀ yet.

Tuesday is a work day, and there is this BBQ thing that I might go to.

Wednesday is a double work day.

Thursday is laundry day and work day. NOT in that order though.

Friday is a day off & another day to volunteer with the NORECECA program.

Well that’s it for now.

Goode Night.