We Continue

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

We Continue our march to happiness.

Today is Monday 09/09/V3.4 & it is my 1/4 Birthday!

I start reading In Cold Blood today, it is the book for Omaha Reads. Visit Omaha Reads Events get in on the fun. I just finished reading Confessor, it was the last book in the Sword of Truth series. He has now written a couple more and they are on the waiting list at the Omaha Public Library.

Tennis was pretty great yesterday. We are doing it again next Sunday, you should join us.

The word of the day is peplum which is a short full flounce below the waist, covering the hips.

The Monday workers join us in the game. But in 3 weeks I’ll be one of you. Starting on the 29th I’ll be working M – W & F with a Saturday. Still have Thursday off for Laundry, I’ll be starting at 0700.

Well we have our neighborhood association meeting today.

Make it a GREAT Day!