More Protein

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

We all need more protein in our lives.

Today is Tuesday 09/03/V3.4 and there is something we are running to.

So I woke up with a smile & I shared it on that ole instagram of mines. Then I’m spending a little time on the ole internet and come across this gem –

Never Happened

Now this hasn’t happened to me yet. BUT there was a good moment yesterday where it could’ve. I hope someday that she will say Thanks. I Love You Too. FINISH STRONG. Here’s to jacket guy getting a date.

The word of the day is serotinal which is pertaining to or occurring in late summer.

I got a compliment for how I dress. Apparently not wearing your sweat pants or pajamas. Dress to impress, plus no one wants to see my pj’s.

Someone Shelley commented on a post, ‘just dumb’ that says quite a bit.

Now do I make this a longer blog entry or stop it here? That’s the 2nd question I’ve asked myself today.

So I waited until after work to post this. Good thing I did, cause something funny happened on the way to the market.

I was standing in line, the express line. I’m like I got 11 items, I’m a bad boy: Who got XI items in a X item lane. NOT Vernon JBUT nope, I only had 10 items.

There was a supper funny guy who was like: “You got alot of items here, how about we just put them together and you pay for it.”

I was thinking the same thing.

I paid for what I got, he paid for what he got. Everything was just fine.

So we had a fire drill at work today, I got a bonus break. Everything is right with that.

I had a good day at work, and now I’m eating my delicious dinner. You can visit to see the finished product.

Have a good evening.