Quotes from the World for Saturday 08/31/MXIII

Reason is a faculty far larger than mere objective force. When either the political or the scientific discourse announces itself as the voice of reason, it is playing God, and should be spanked and stood in the corner.

Ursula K. Le Guin
Ursula K. Le Guin (b. 1929), U.S. author. Commencement address, 1986, Bryn Mawr. Dancing at the Edge of the World (1989).

Jimmy Simmy

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

Jimmy Simmy had a real good time in his truck.

Today is Saturday 08/31/V3.4 & it is the last day of August MMXIII

So I got the best news ever last night, yup it was good.

I was told that I have a loud voice that carries, I was told it was the voice of an Angel. The person who said it had nothing to gain, except making me say thank you. I’m okay with that.

I had a long night, got home after 2300. It is what it is. It was later than necessary, but I got to see the North Dakota State University Bison win the football game. It was a good game, we got the #Bison Swag. The University of Nebraska Omaha Mavericks had 4 games yesterday. The lost BOTH soccer games, they won the volleyball game, the Golf Teams were in Vermillion, S.D. and no one kept team scores. So we didn’t lose or win.

The word of the day is corsair which is a pirate, especially formerly of the Barbary Coast.

So we join the working week in progress, 5 days, 6 shifts, paid for 53 hours. Figure that per day hour out. It honestly isn’t that hard for math.

What are you doing today!

Hashtag of the Day

I decided to post a list of my hashtags of the day. IF I can remember.

Every Monday the hashtag will be #IHeartMonday because I LOVE Monday.
Every Friday the hashtag will be Happy #FNP. FNP is Friday Night Party.

Saturday 08/31/V3.1 is #SameRules, there isn’t an underdog in a sanctioned competition.

Friday 08/30/V3.4 is Happy #FNP!

Thursday 08/29/V3.4 is #DayOffGiants which is a play on Thor’s Frost Giants. I have the day off and I’m kinda a Giant in some circles.

Wednesday 08/26/V3.4 is YOur, One of my friends/associates hates it when I say Our Humpday. OUR hump day is on Monday, so I said Your Humpday.

Tuesday 08/25/V3.4 is #NeverEver cause #VernonJ is Never Ever going to see a UNL Footballl game.

Monday 08/24/V3.4 is #IHeartMonday

Sunday 08/25/V4.3 is #flowers, cause someone got flowers.

Saturday 08/24/V3.4 is #Burning cause I was burning both ends of the candle on Friday Night, stayed out until 22.30.

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