Quotes from the World for Wednesday 08/14/MMXIII

Kindness is a virtue neither modern nor urban. One almost unlearns it in a city. Towns have their own beatitude; they are not unfriendly; they offer a vast and solacing anonymity or an equally vast and solacing gregariousness. But one needs a neighbor on whom to practice compassion.

Phyllis McGinley
Phyllis McGinley (1905–1978), U.S. poet, author. “A Garland of Kindness,” The Province of the Heart (1959).

NOT on My Watch

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

My friend’s Dustin Ice Cream Scoop was stolen at work. We can’t let this kinda behavior continue.

Today is Wednesday 08/14/V3.4 & we are on Date II.

We can NOT let this injustice brought upon Dustin to spread.

So I took the famous  First they came …

First they came for the beef steaks,
and I didn’t speak out because I don’t eat beef.

Then they came for the wine,
and I didn’t speak out because I don’t drink wine.

Then they came for the Ice Cream Scoops,
OH HECK NO. Call The National Guard, Call The Air National Guard, Call the Marines. This ain’t happening on my watch.

Then they gave the scoop back,
and there was no one left to speak cause they were all eating Ice Cream.

As an Ice Cream aficionado of Ice Cream Eating, I won’t let that stand. Just for the record, I spelled that word without assistance.

Okay we are not on a Date II, I haven’t been on a date this month. Although yesterday my friend asked me why I me and redacted haven’t went out on a date. I had no good answer for that, so I guess my goal should be to call up her and say. How’s it going name redacted? So I know that we did redacted last year. Then I got busy running for office, working second shift, and we didn’t get a chance to go on a second date. So I was wondering if we could give it another try.

Yeah that is some powerful stuff right there. So we will see now.

The word of the day is wowser which is an excessively puritanical person. This comes from our friends down in the south Australia and New Zealand.

So today we have work, work, and then no more work until Saturday. It isn’t hump day it is the last day of the work week. YEAH!!!


I’m watching Hitch right now, it isn’t on the dance scene. I want to see it, Q-Tip, Sprinkler, the Lawn Mower.

Cause Dancing isn’t a problem for me.

& that’s what I will leave you with.

1st Song of the Day

97.63% of y’all won’t know why I chose this song as my 1st song of the day. That’s cause I didn’t tell you, but ….