What to Do

Good Morning & Happy FNP,

What shall I do today?

Today is Friday 08/09/V3.4 & we are just 10 months away from my Birthday.

Well I went to an unnamed restaurant for breakfast. Then I went to the bank. I didn’t get any money. Apparently they need some form of identification, for the record you don’t need you operators license to drive a car. You only need to have one authorized & valid.

I was then going to go to target & get me some supplies. So the moral of the story. When you don’t have to do anything. don’t!

I will retry it again later today, I’ve got a feeling that it will be a nap time. I’m going to do it my way though, not anyone else’s way.

The word of the day is finagle which is to trick, swindle, or cheat.

I’m watching The Morning Blend right now. Mary & Mike are talking about City Sprouts. Visit Omaha Sprouts for more information.

There are IV movies opening this weekend, I won’t be seeing any of them.. IF someone where to call me and ask me if I wanted to go see a movie, I could do Percy Jackson, but that someone would have to be special.

We are over 200 words, I think we have shared enough.