Jack’s Lunch Sack was empty

After watching Jack leave his brown paper lunch bag on his lap, unopened, a caring teacher takes him aside to coax him to eat. She opens his lunch bag. She is horrified to see what’s inside.


A crumpled ball of newspaper.

Jack had put it in the bag to make it look like there was food inside.

Today in Nebraska and western Iowa nearly 84,000 children struggle with hunger. That’s one out of every five children in our communities. That’s why Food Bank for the Heartland is asking for your urgent help today. Please give your most generous gift.

For every $25 donation, we can provide enough food for 75 meals for children and families in need. On behalf of the children in Nebraska and western Iowa, thank you.

Thank you for caring,
Susan E. Ogborn

Susan E. Ogborn, President & CEO