Bonus Shift

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

Everyone gets a bonus shift today with Vernon J

Today is Thursday 08/08/V3.1 and it is 233.

For everyone who came for the news of my complete breakfast. I’ll get there.

I bet you are wondering what the 233 is and how I came to it. There is math involved and it involves today’s short date. I’ll let you chew on that for a bit, if you can’t figure it out. We’ll post an answer here real soon. Sometime after the 2200 news, I’m going to make you wait. & I know you:

I Know You Don’t Want to Wait, but this is how the news do it & if it is good enough for them. It is good enough for you.

The word of the day is waif is a person, especially a child, who has no home or friends.

Okay, not that you read though all of the less important. I made oatmeal in that pot that had heating water in it. You’re welcome.

What are you doing today? Even though I work until 14.30 I think I can still squeeze in my Thursday Laundry Day. Let’s see.

Vernon J going back to the way things were.