Response to an Issue

How do you respond to an issue, How soon do you respond to an issue, How often do you respond to an issue?

My official response without reading the article was:

Now I didn’t read the article without responding, I still haven’t read it. I don’t want to give them any additional stats for that story. I’m guessing that Marty went though the proper channels to be approved to carry a weapon.

NOW KETV has posted and asked about your thoughts on facebook. Capture As you can see there are 82 comments, there have been 8 added since I first noticed this.

NOW I’m of the camp that says the media should use the word controversial in any story. The readers/viewers should be able to form their own opinions about the issue. When you use the C world, you are putting that thought in their mind.

I respond to issues privately and publicly in 2 different manners. Once you publish or talk to someone about the issue, your feelings are out there. BUT in the privacy or your own mind or home, you can respond. What is wrong with that person.

Before I respond publicly, the 1st question I ask myself is. Is my life affected by the issue, if that answer is NO. Then I don’t comment on it publicly, cause no one actually cares what I think. IF they want to know they will ask me.

So do us a favor, take a moment. Think before you respond.

Vernon J taking moments to enjoy the moment.