OPS Board of Education Meeting

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

I attended (a portion) of the Omaha Public School Board of Education Meeting.

I left after two and a half hours.

I’ve posted my notes (they are in rough form) 1 of 2, 2 of 2.

I will edit/clean-up on Thursday.


Here is an e-mail that has been sent to my board member and the board president.

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,
Marque we haven’t met yet. I’m Vernon J, I will try to introduce myself next time I’m at a Board Meeting. I’m going to go ahead and call that July 1st. I live in your district and Joslyn Castle Neighborhood.

I’m writing (this short) e-mail to ask what was going on yesterday? I’ve posted on twitter to Justin & the world.

Several of the items was missing supplemental information that would be helpful to the public to know what the board is talking about at the meetings.

In particular the H New and Miscellaneous business sections. As I was sitting there listen & NOT BEING fully engaged, I went to the website http://www.ops.org/district/BOARDOFEDUCATION/BoardDocuments/BudgetInputSessions/tabid/1446/Default.aspx to see if I just missed it.

I didn’t see the RFP for the items that was voted on, the standards, etc. NOW I know some communication is privileged and should not be in the public domain for a period of weeks/months after discussion. BUT anything that is discussed in the Open Session, the public should get a copy of this.

This kind of action speaks of secrecy, which you know is UNACCEPTABLE. I hope that on the next meeting that you will post this information when the agenda is posted.