Hashtag of the Day

I decided to post a list of my hashtags of the day. IF I can remember.

Every Monday the hashtag will be #IHeartMonday because I LOVE Monday.
Every Friday the hashtag will be Happy #FNP. FNP is Friday Night Party.

Tuesday 06/18/V3.4 is #Engaged. I’m an engaged citizen!

Monday 06/17/V3.4 is #IHeartMonday

Sunday 06/16/V3.4 is #JustGreat cause life, work, and play is Just Great. What’s missing?

Satuday 06/15/V3.4 is #Top5Top10 Jim moved from the Top 5 to Top 10. You can now move from Top 10 or Top 20 to Top 5.

Friday 06/14/V3.4 is Happy #FNP!

Thursday 06/18/V334 is #PFW PerFect Week

Wednesday 06/12/V3.4 is #SSS, cause I had 3 characters left for MAXIMUM twitter usuage.

Tuesday 06/11/V3.4 is #Hummus, some people like the mummus

Monday 06/10/V3.4 is #IHeartMonday

5/22/V3.3 is #Sign, I worked for food on Tuesday!

Tuesday 05/21/V3.3 is #TikiTuesday. Tiki starts with T & Tuesday starts with T.

Monday 05/20/V3.3 is #IHeartMonday

Sunday 05/19/V3.3 is #IIIWeeks, cause it’ll be III weeks until my Birthday!!!

Saturday 05/18/V3.3 is #MakeItSo

Friday 05/17/V3.3 is #MakeItSo compliments of Star Trek, you tell me which one.

Thursday 05/16/V3.3 is decisiOns, cause I had to make a decision.

Wednesday 05/15/V3.3 is #ThatIs, That is …

Tuesday 05/14/V3.3 is #TheMemo as in did you get the memo that you were fired?

Monday 05/13/V3.3 is #IHeartMonday

Sunday 05/12/V3.3 is #IVWeeks as in JUST IV Weeks until my Birthday

Saturday 05/11/V3.3 is #Cheers as in celebrate everything.

Friday 05/10/V3.3 is Happy #FNP!

Thursday 05/09/V3.3 is #MakesSense

Wednesday 05/08/V3.3 is #StrongerThanYesterday and #STY if I have space issues. We’re stronger than yesterday.

Tuesday 05/07/V3.3 is #90Point9 cause I need to be under 90.9 KG’s today.

Monday 05/06/V3.3 is #IHeartMonday

Sunday 05/05/V3.3 is #EnjoyLife, cause that is what we need to do.

Saturday 05/04/V3.3 is #BurnLikeFire I don’t know why, that’s just what I came up with.

Friday 05/03/V3.3 is Happy #FNP!

Thursday 05/02/V3.3 is #Forward. I had an experience this week where someone was being forward with me.

Wednesday 05/01/V3.3 is #HappyMay, it is a new day & we are rolling along.

Tuesday 04/30/V3.3 is #LastDay cause it was the last day of April MMXIII

Monday 04/29/V3.3 is #IHeartMonday

Sunday 04/28/V3.3 is #Sushi. I went out Saturday evening to a Sushi place. If you read/fan of http://fb.com/Vernon30 then you know what I had.

Saturday 04/20/V3.3 though Saturday 04/27/V3.3 is #PrayForSmiles. I want the Joslyn Castle Neighborhood, Omaha, Nebraska, The United States of. America, North America, the World, & you to do that.

Friday 04/19/3.3 is Happy #FNP!

Thursday 04/18/V3.3 is #HCYNW, How Can You Not Work. My system was being difficult. of course I was going to en.url.com, instead of us.url.com. GRRR!!!

Wednesday 04/17/V3.3 is #Algorithm, cause math is fun.

Tuesday 04/16/V3.3 is #KeepHavingFun. We were told by a guy at Crescent Moon to “Keep Having Fun”. WE WILL KIND SIR!

Monday 04/15/V3.3 is #IHeartMonday

Sunday 04/14/V3.3 is #LetsTip

Saturday 04/13/V3.3 is #SuperSecretive. I sent two (or more) dm’s yesterday. One cause someone’s employer didn’t need to see that info & the other was a personal matter that didn’t need to be put on twitter. I also put … in a text message to Jacki, but we have no secrets.

Friday 04/12/V3.3 is #FNP

Thursday 04/11/V3.3 is #HadBetter. It is from Liar, Liar, and a joke from Tuesday.

Wednesday 04/10/V3.3 is #Caracus. Caracus is on VST, that’s why I picked it.

Tuesday 04/09/V3.3 is #treat, cause it is a treat to be hanging with you.

Monday 04/08/V3.3 is #IHeartMonday, well cause I do.

Sunday 04/07/V3.3 is #DoingStuff, cause I was doing stuff.

Saturday 04/06/V3.3 is #Jenga. If you went to Mindi’s Birthday Party you would know what that means.

Friday 04/05/V3.3 is #FNP

Thursday 04/04/V3.3 is #nail. I have no clue what that means.

Wednesday 04/03/V3.3 is #ItsOkay. Even though I did (redacted) our relationship is/will be okay.

Tuesday 04/02/V3.3 is #NewBeginnings. I started my training for my new position & the MMXIII Omaha City & School Board Elections

Monday 04/01/V3.3 is #Journey2CK & #IHeartMonday

Sunday 03/31/V3.3 is #N2D cause I had nothing to do. We’ve got a bonus hashtag that will last a while. #Journey2CK I’m currently XC posts away from 100,000 tweets.

Saturday 03/30/V3.3 is #MakingStuffUp or #MSU (depending on number of characters.

Friday 03/29/V3.3 is #FNP.

Thursday 03/28/V3.3 is #OutThere, what ever it is it is out there in our world.

Wednesday 03/27/V3.3 is #HowItWorks, I was attacked by someone yesterday. They were up on their high horse. I maintained my level head.

Tuesday 03/26/V3.3 is #LongDistance, in today’s day & age we aren’t that far away?

Monday 03/25/V3.3 is #IHeartMonday

Sunday 03/24/V3.3 is #GoodFood. I did a good job, cooking food & taking care of business in the kitchen Saturday Night.

Saturday 03/23/V3.3 is #HomeBoys. An influence from Gin ‘N Juice by Snoop Dogg.

Friday 03/22/V3.3 Happy #FNP!

Thursday 03/21/V3.3 is #LateNight, everyday is a Late Night for Vernon J. Here’s a picture to accompy it.


Wednesday 03/20/V3.3 is #ItsSpring, it is the 1st day of Spring.

Tuesday 03/19/3.3 is #Calculus, I like math. I’ve never done calculus, but I probably could.

Monday 03/18/V3.3 is #IHeartMonday.

Sunday 03/17/V3.3 is #Chair. I wasn’t sitting in one when I thought of it.

Saturday 03/16/V3.3 is #NailedIt. I’ve been saying Nailed it for a little bit now. I think it was time to post it on twitter.

Friday 03/15/V3.3 is #FNP. Friday Night Party

Thursday 03/14/V3.3 is #Balance. We all need balance

Wednes/day 03/13/V3.3 is #Roadway. I went with this, cause I can.

Tuesday 03/12/V3.3 is #AtPeace, I had a good Monday & I’m at Peace with all that happened.

Monday 03/11/V3.3 is #IHeartMonday

Sunday 03/10/V3.3 was #AboutYou Visit http://Vernon-J.com/2013/03/10/make-the-most-of-it/

Saturday 03/09/V3.3 was #TheBigK cause I went to Kearney, NE

Friday 03/08/V3.3 was Happy #FNP!

Thursday 03/07/V3.3 was #Distance. it had something to do with going the distance.

Wednesday 03/06/V3.3 was #Adventure. I wanted you to have an adventure.

Tuesday 03/05/V3.3 was #ColdLava it was a play on words. Lava can’t be cold, when it cools it forms a rock.