My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Wednesday Eve,

I told you there would be more.

Well Vernon J had a good day.

I can truly say that I enjoyed it & it was worth the time & effort that we put in it. #TeamAwesome

The word of the day is machinate to contrive or plot especially artfully or with evil purpose.

Somehow it was implied that I arranged a group of tables to appear in a J. That was not my intention, but you know sometimes these things happen.

It is hailing outside, or course I’m inside. But here are a few photos.

Here is a picture from Cassandra via Instagram

This one is from Leah via twitter

Leah is a reporter on our Fox affiliate in Omaha. you can follow her on twitter.

From Mike of the Omaha Police Department via twitter.

A link to Shawn’s picture via twitter. Shawn says his credit should be Shawn Hartley – marketing, advertising, & interactive.

The photos are copyright of their respective owners. <— Some legalese.