Happy April

Good Morning & Happy April,

A Brand New month & brand new adventures for Vernon J.

Today is Monday April 04/01/V3.3 & it is the dark of the evening until the morn.

So far Jim has pulled an April Fool’s joke on me. Jim is a liar, but he is still a good guy. As soon as he … then I’ll be doing my thing.

I have to go to work this morning, not for the entire day. It is just 1/2 a day at the party office. If anyone needs anything, I’m here.

I’m also being selective with what posts I put on twitter today. No/limited shares from foursquare. I’m nearing the 100,000 post & want everyone of them to count. I have XLV to go, so going to make them count. You will see the 99,990 though 100,000 celebrated with their own blog post. (if I can remember).

The word of the day is ha-ha, which is sunk fence. Well I learned something new. I thought ha-ha was something you typed when you were telling a joke.

Some pictures from this morning.


So tomorrow is also the Omaha Mayor, Omaha City Council, and Omaha School board election.  Earlier today I posted(& it has been RT about 4 times as of this posting):

We do have a choice to make & I hope that choice will be to go out and vote. Here is a link to a guide of voters guide. http://voiceomaha.org/tag/voters-guide/ http://www.vote411.org/ will let you put in your address & compare up to II candidates side by side. You can go back and select another candidate of your choosing. I knew who I was voting for in 2 out 3 of the elections. The Vote 411 project helped me decide who I was voting for the Omaha School Board. I won’t tell you who I’m voting for today.

There is a Omaha Public School board meeting tonight at 18.00. Be there or be square.

The microwave is SO OLD, it has a dial & you have to press the start button. YES I just turned the dial & was like the microwave isn’t working. Clearly I had no clue how that worked.

If you have database management skills a position has come to my attention. e-mail, call, text, or contact me another way. I’ll get you that information.

Well I think that’s it.

Did I get the 5 W’s?