Good Morning & Happy Wednesday!

What a great day today is? Day 3 of 7 for work for the week.

Today is Wednesday 03/27/V3.3 & there’s something following me everywhere I go!


This is taken from Dodge, Farnam (300 S), & Center (1500 S). Taken before 09.30 today.

Currently at the doctor’s office for my monthly B12 shot. The one person is here, that’s never been officially mentioned on this blog. NOT that she is officially beinng mentioned on this blog. She is the one who asked me where I got my nametag.

Cause Vernon J is awesome like that.

Once we get done here, we are going back home. I haven’t finalized what I’ll do when I get there. But I’ll know when I do, cause I’ll be doing it.

Then I’ll head to work at 12.45ish or 13.15ish, I’ll also decide that when I decide it.

More to Come