Bad Research

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

Well the research from last night, was on the wrong data.

Today is Friday 03/08/V3.3 & it is a 06.28 kinda day.

I got to watch my ‘buddies’ Matt & Deanne on KMTV Action 3 News today. I listened to the entire 32 mins, before CBS This Morning came on. I then muted it. Maybe less than 32 mins, cause I was you know, taking a shower. BUT it wasn’t on mute like CBS This Morning & The Daily Buzz.

So today my first meeting is at 09.00,  I am en route to that now. Rolling along here, just using my unlimited data & the tools necessary for hotspot connection.

I then get to go to the work, I’ll hit the mall though & relax a bit there before work. BUT with all due respect, the mall tends to have uncomfortable chairs. Even the Panera, I’m pretty sure Starbucks (on 114th & Dodge) does too. I just don’t feel like coming back home after the meeting. Home; work & meeting are n the other side of 90th St.

What should I do?

The word of the day is scupper which is to prevent from happening or succeding; ruin; wreck. No more scuppering today. Move, Get Out the Way so we can succeed.

Baseball IS BACK IN the Omaha Metro. University of Nebraska Omaha takes on North Dakota State University. (according to their post). I don’t know if it is University of North Dakota or North Dakota State University. My connection isn’t pulling up that page right now. Maybe I’ll go back & edit this once it loads. It is the one that is in the

If you want to Road Trip to Kearney with me tomorrow. That would be great, I can guarantee a good time for 5 to 6 hours. Nothing promised during the middle of our road trip.

Well my 1st Song of the Day was Smile by Shanice. I was thinking of a friend & it is true. I do love her smile.

Well I’m going to call these 334+ words a wrap.

Hope you enjoy reading this post.