Quotes from the World for Sunday 03/31/MMXIII

It is impossible to give a clear account of the world, but art can teach us to reproduce it—just as the world reproduces itself in the course of its eternal gyrations. The primordial sea indefatigably repeats the same words and casts up the same astonished beings on the same sea-shore.

Albert Camus
Albert Camus (1913–1960), French-Algerian philosopher, author. “Absolute Affirmation,” pt. 2, The Rebel (1951, trans. 1953).

My Day

Good Morning & Happy Easter.

Today is MY Day & I get to do what I want.

Today is Sunday 03/31/V3.3 & it is my 1st Easter as a Lutheran.

Well it is my first Easter as a religious active person in quite a few years. I also don’t have to work ANYWHERE today. This will only last though the month of may, I’m expected to be to work on Sunday 06/02/V3.3 that is a week before my Birthday!!

Can you believe the 35th Annual Celebration of Vernon J is just LXX days away. Well the party is LXVIII to LXIX days away. So get on over to the official facebook event & RSVP, so we can plan accordingly.

Also if your small business or organization is looking to put some marketing dollars to work, you could be the Official Sponsor of the Celebration. Sponsorship has to be a family friendly product or service. Subject to Terms & Conditions agreed to before transfer of funds.

The word of the day is impawn which is to put in pawn; pledge.

NOW even though I don’t have to do anything today. I’ll be going to see Olympus has Fallen. BY me posting this more than an hour ahead of the ‘scheduled’ movie time. You are officially on notice. NONE of that ‘I didn’t know’, I’ve also been wanting to see this movie for some time now. YET another reason why you should know.

So that’s Vernon J’s plans.


Quotes from the World for Saturday 03/30/MMXIII

The freedom to share one’s insights and judgments verbally or in writing is, just like the freedom to think, a holy and inalienable right of humanity that, as a universal human right, is above all the rights of princes.

Carl Friedrich Bahrdt
Carl Friedrich Bahrdt (1740–1792), German theologian and publicist. On Freedom of the Press and Its Limits: For Consideration by Rulers, Censors, and Writers, p. 44 (1787).

Oh Happy Day

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

A GREAT day to do what needs to be done, am I right?

Today is Saturday 03/30/V3.3 & an awesome Easter starts right here.

Well I was going to call United Healthcare so they can straighten out my bills. BUT of course they are only open Monday – Friday. From 08.00 to 20.00, well that does me NO GOOD!

I’m heading to work & church today. IF I have time, I might swing by Jean Stothert for Omaha campaign office. I don’t know if I’ll have time.

I then get to come home, I am off on the morrow. NO work at any of my jobs. Monday I have to work 9 to 12, so I will probably go to see a movie. Either tomorrow or Monday. I get one Sunday off & there is no NASCAR race.

The word of the day is gaumless which is lacking in vitality or intelligence; stupid, dull, or clumsy.

We feel terrific & we look even better than we feel. <— That’s from Happy Endings.

Make it a GREAT day!!!

My Questions for the OPS Subdistrict 2 Candidates

Response from Morghan.

Good Evening Vernon,

I apologize for my late email. It has been a full day of connecting with the community, my constituents  the church and my family, but I didn’t want to go to bed without responding to you. Please see my responses/opinions to your questions below:
A. The mission of OPS is to provide educational opportunities which enable all students to achieve their highest potential. Their aims are:
1. High student achievement
2. Safe and secure learning environments
3. Professional work force
4. Partnerships
5. Effective and efficient use of district resources.
Personally, I believe these are the primary goals of OPS.
B. The role of the school board in this goal is to review, rewrite, offer and require policies to help OPS be successful in this endeavor.
C. With a birds eye view of OPS’s successes over the past 3 years; it is my opinion that their success are as follows:
1. The graduation rate has slightly improved
2. Dr. Mackiel has retired and been replaced with a new superintendent
3. The school board has been restructured and every member is required to “re-apply” for their positions
D. Failures:
1. Lack of transparency
2. Inability to develop policy that not simply speaks for OPS as a whole, but that focuses on their seeming inability to develop policy that purposefully works towards close the achievement gap.
3. The lack of innovation and consideration for 21st century needs of the youth that are reflected in decision making and policy construction.
E.Over the next year, the successes I would like to see OPS Board of Education have are:
1. Recapturing the respect of the community
2. Developing a listening ear to the teachers and the teachers unions.
3. Developing a program that incorporates parents, community leaders and advocates in their decision making processes.
F. As volunteer Executive Director for EIE- Enough is Enough, it has been my job and responsibility to be transparent with the community. With this characteristic being a natural ability, transparency is what I will bring to the table on day one. With that in mind, policies equal politics; therefore the challenge will potentially come with the development of policies. However, that will depend on the mindsets of my fellow board members and their willingness to be open minded to removing politics from policy. Either way, I will ask the right questions, to the right people, in the right way in order to gain a full understanding of the who, what, why, where and how does it effect….
Depending on accumulative responses to those things, it will then be my charge to either inform the community of what I fought for and was kicked back on or what I fought for and had been accepted/approved. As a community organizer and leader, it is my responsibility to inform the community of everything they need to know to first have a full understanding and second give them the opportunity to speak out against/for themselves. We can no longer can be represented by individuals who do not allow the people to speak for themselves. This is the only way hope, trust and power can be truly formed.
In an effort to require OPS to stand on the goals I mentioned in question A, it will be my charge to develop a proposal that influences partnerships and an effective/efficient use of district resources. Combined with my response to the success(s) of OPS, in regards to the previous and new superintendent, the question must be asked, why does OPS have no money yet we’re able to pay such a lucrative retirement package to the former superintendent and such a high wage to the current superintendent.
Innovation is the language of my generation. This means the next generation expects, requires and basically cannot live without it. Considering all facts, I will not simply request, but place individuals, plans and proposals signed by constituents of district 2 in front of my peers and legislature to demand an innovative plan for our children. It is important that while I will represent the voices of the families of district 2, that they are able to speak for themselves. My resume and work includes forums, both formal and informal, as well as committees created for this purpose. I will bring the entire district 2 community to the OPS Board of Education. My ability to do this proceeds me and I cannot consciously become a OPS board member without making this a part of our agenda.
Thank you for your questions. I am a true native and advocate for the community and particularly my district. If you have additional questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to call or email me.

I received my 1st mailer from a candidate for OPS.  I will post my questions & their answers in this entry.

A. What is the primary goal of OPS?
B. What is the role of the School Board in that goal?
C. What are some successes of the OPS School Board over the past 3 years
D. What are some failures of the OPS School Board over the past 3 years
E. What are some successes of the OPS School Board you want to see over the next year.
F. How are you going to work on the failures in (E.) over the next year.

Quotes from the World for Friday 03/29/MMXIII

Through the port comes the moon-shine astray!
It tips the guard’s cutlass and silvers this nook;
But ’twill die in the dawning of Billy’s last day.
A jewel-block they’ll make of me to-morrow,
Pendant pearl from the yard-arm-end
Like the ear-drop I gave to Bristol Molly—
O, ’tis me, not the sentence they’ll suspend.

Herman Melville
Herman Melville (1819–1891), U.S. poet, novelist. Billy Budd, Foretopman (l. 4–10). . .

Selected Poems of Herman Melville. Hennig Cohen, ed. (1991) Fordham University Press.


Good Afternoon & Happy FNP!

My stomach currently hurts, I don’t like it.

Today is Friday 03/29/V3.3 & it is …

Enjoy my previous posts.

The word of the day is swivet which is a state of nervous excitement, haste, or anxiety; flutter.

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Friday Eve.

1st & foremost I learned that you can’t make things up on twitter.

The post has been deleted, but you can see it in my mobile alerts.
The post has been deleted, but you can see it in my mobile alerts.

Now if you follow me on twitter, you would know why this is funny.  I posted earlier about Omaha being the Best City in America. The United states of America, North America, & South America.

An unnamed reporter asked me if I had a source. I told her that my source was Vernon J & she could use Vernon-J.com as a reference. So it is funny, I’ve also made stuff up with Brianne also. I’ve also made stuff up with other people.

I like making stuff up.

There is also something else that was really good today that I wanted to report.

Well one of the ladies who does the Zumba class at Benson Community Center brought cookies in for a treat today. I appreciate that.

There is some stuff to go over.

Well tomorrow is Friday 03/29/V3.3 & it is the LAST Friday of the month.

I’ve now remembered what I wanted to talk about. I’m watching 180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School. So I just lost it again, I need to focus.

Oh yes, it is about my Birthday. You can RSVP to Vernon J’s 35th Annual Celebration of Vernon J, right here. https://www.facebook.com/events/357351067684905/

Stir Cove has announced all or a portion of their concert schedule. Well Trace Adkins is coming on Friday 06/07/V3.3 & it is going to probably be a GREAT show. Now there could be one dilemma for Vernon J.

The 4th Annual Cannoli Eating Competition & the 89th Annual Santa Lucia Festival. I just checked their facebook page and yes that event is the same weekend. The past III Cannoli Eating Contest have been on Friday. I’ve won all of them, I figure I can do it again this year.

oh, you must be wondering what the jist of this portion of the story is?

Well I think you should buy me tickets. The tickets are $40 + Fees, I’m sure if you go the box office, you can save on those unscrupulous fees. The tickets go on sale Monday 04/01/V3.3. IF you buy me a ticket, I promise to show up. You don’t have to get you a ticket, I’ll be fine going alone.

Is that … I smell

Good Afternoon & Happy Thursday,

So our Office Manager ‘Rose’ came in & said is that bacon I smell?

Today is 03/28/V3.3 & it is doing things before I’m ready kinda day.

No it was sausage you smelled. No one has ever said ‘is that tofu’ I smell. Mmmmm. Delicious, Delicious Animals. Can we have a moment of silence for them?

I went and got my correction lenses adjusted, my ear was on fire. I couldn’t take it anymore, it took Alex less than 5 mins. I should’ve done that awhile ago.

The word of the day is pharaonic which is impressively or overwhelmingly large, luxurious, etc.

So today I go to work at Job II from 14.00 to 20.00. Then I’m home. Tomorrow is my last day (for the current time) at the First Data on Old Mill. It is a celebration. I also get Sunday off, no work at any of my jobs. YEAH!!!

That’s it for now.

Would you please behave yourself, unlike these people? http://www.kmtv.com//200424131.html