My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy FNP-Eve!!!

It is days like (today) that I created My Evening Report category.

When GREAT days like this happen.

I wake up with a GREAT smile on my face, and usually when I post my first entry my day is GREAT. Now it can get greater though the interactions I have with people, or I(& ONLY I) can make it worst by my interactions with people.

When I posted my instagram picture, 20130228090057124

Here’s a song for you to enjoy.

My day started on the internet & then going to do laundry. I put my clothes in the wash, showered, shaved, and made my bed. I then put the clothes in the dryer & went to Family Dollar. I tried a new brand/scent of fabric softener. UPC – 024200060985, yeah you will have to do some research.

Unlike some news station in the local area. I won’t say any names, but you can see their incomplete story here.  You can also read this collection of posts on twitter.

Now if Shelley can find out the truth with a little research, I’m sure you can too John. YES I e-mailed them and informed them of there error. The e-mail was sent at 21.58, at the current time 23.08 the story has NOT been updated to reflect the correct information.

But remember 1 thing.

On TV. Online. On the Go.
The People You Know. The News You Trust.

Now I’m not saying I don’t trust them. I guess I do know them, I think I met a few of them in person. I’ve also had one of those ‘awkward’ conversations with one of their employees. BUT She’s cool!!

NOW back to how good my day was.

  1. I had II bowls of Ice Cream
  2. My mittens were at still at Metro, that’s a good thing
  3. I was suppose to get I hour of bonus work, but I got II hours of bonus work. I get paid by the hour so that is a good thing.
  4. I danced
  5. I can’t reveal this portion of my day, cause its ‘top secret’ by ‘top secret’ it means I either posted on #4sq, posted on twitter about it earlier and it will be buried in my history that isn’t as easily accessible as this. Potentially more details to come.

Check out my pictures I posted. Photos from Thursday 02/28/V3.3 | Photographs by Vernon J

A Guy who is internally happy is now signing off.

Dentist Appt tomorrow at 08.00 & then work. I thing I’ll go watch a movie since I’ll be up anyways. Or I will come back & take a nap.

Unnamed news station has updated the story, no response to the e-mail!