Busy Day

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,
I got a busy day ahead.  I got up at 07.00 & let it roll. I only have to work my other job today, so my day will be done at 20.00.

Today is Thursday 02/28/V3.3 & it is the LAST day of February. Today is Rare Disease day.

Visit http://EvieJayne.blogspot.com to find out more about Hypophosphatasia. I won’t say that word, because you know it is hard. The disease is a condition where you can’t grow new bones. I figure that is a big problem.

The word of the day is ziggurat which is a temple of Sumerian origin in the form of a pyramidal tower.

Scott of CBS news was rude today. I was watching Omaha Morning Blend, there was NO need to cut into the show.

Well I’m going to put this on pause right here, cause I need to take care of some business.