That’s how it is going

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

From the posting of this, you would think UNO did something wrong. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Today is Saturday 02/23/V3.3 & there is a calm before the storm.

If you read the article, you’ll see that

Karen Paul, the archivist with the U.S. Senate, agreed.


She said she would be surprised if an archive the size of Hagel’s was ready to be opened. She also agreed that it’s “pretty standard practice” for a library to deny access until the entire collection has been processed.

It is pretty unexciting now isn’t it BUT I guess that’s how the media works, and I’m holding them to a higher standard. That would be an indication of why I may or may not have got blocked by 2 television stations from twitter, and also can’t comment on one of their facebook pages.

Today is a work day for me 11.45 to about 15.00. Let’s do this, just a few hours. Vernon J’s gotta do what Vernon J’s gotta do.

The word of the day is whipsaw which is to subject to two opposing forces at the same time.

I gotta get breakfast going.

Make it a fantastic day.