Triple Double

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

I went from doing a double – double, to a triple – double. Co-worker got in one of those automobile collisions & I got an offer to work some additional time.

Today is Tuesday 02/19/V3.3 & it is Have & Make It.

I can use the extra hours, you know cause I get paid by thé hour. Wish I got more/per.

Well I did get the chance to take care of some house business this morning. Washed the dishes, trimmed the dog, & took out the trash. One of those isn’t true. We Report, You Decide.

You didn’t read it here first, but on Thursday I’m going to be in an eating competition. more details to come

Oh I forgot to wear a belt today.

Also I’m a VernonJologist, if you can be a sexologist I can be a VernonJologist.

The word of the say is satrap which is a subordinate ruler, often a despotic one.

If you do one thing, don’t complain about it. BE BETTER than what you are.

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