Spaghetti & Meatballs

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

Good night of sleep was had by Vernon J.

Today is Monday 02/17/V3.3 & I had 3 meetings today. I could’ve had 4 if they would’ve sent the e-mail out before the meeting was over.

I have a cheesecake in the oven & am making Spaghetti & Meatballs for dinner.

How was your day, as this isn’t getting posted till after 17.10. I’ve only heard one complaint in the last 17 hours. BUT it was a perfectly valid complaint, if you are contagious stay your but home.

Today I woke up, showered, ate breakfast. I had my first meeting at 9.  Then went into my other job and help train my co-worker on a program we use there. Timing is also perfect.

I’ve heard a second review about Raising Canes and this review was less spectacular then Jim’s. NOT looking good for you Todd, I hope it gets better. One thing I can help you with is diversify, DIVERSIFY, DIVERSIFY!!!

The McDonald’s we know & dislike today started with only 6 items. You are IV years behind the curve on that. Visit this so you can read about the history from 1937 to 1953. Together me, you, and your team can get this done. Todd Graves of Raising Cane’s we can do this.

The word of the day is kinchin which is a child.

Look ahead to the week, it is Valentine’s Day Week!!!