Last but NOT part

Good Morning & Happy Sunday,

I know why you are here.

  • Cause you always read The Official Blog of Vernon J
  • You are a 1st time visitor from Facebook or Instagram
  • It’s Sunday, it isn’t like there is any NASCAR on to get you RPM’s up.

Today is Sunday 02/10/V3.3 & this is the chance worth taking.

Well according to the ISO 8601 2.2.7 Monday is the 1st day of the week. Making Sunday the last day of the week. BUT according a more higher and powerful standard Sunday isn’t part of the weekend. This is done for two reasons, it give you a 3-day weekend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It started way back in MMI & shall not be changed, unless there is a cash payment of $2,000,000 dollars made to the decider.

Back when the higher and powerful decider was attending Northern Michigan University his  classes ended on Thursday. 1st day of the weekend, Friday was/is the 2nd day of the weekend, and Saturday being the 3rd day of the weekend.

He didn’t know that ISO 8601 existed until last year, it’s okay. He doesn’t know everything, just alot.

So that’s that. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE if that’s why you came here to read. See I don’t make you read though other stuff to get the meat and potatoes of the entry. I treat my readers right.

The word of the day is Jacobin which is an extreme radical, especially in politics. Well that’s interesting to use extreme and radical in a definition of a word. I would consider extreme & radical subjective terms.  The 3 of the 5 definitions included radical or extreme in the definition. The fifth one was the one that I like the best. Radical is existing inherently, wouldn’t that just be normal then?

YES I’m asking you to think for yourself and always question authority. Even Vernon J’s authority, unless I’m working cause then I have expressed authority, not implied authority.

There was an interesting story on CBS Sunday Morning, I’ll see if I can include a link to the story sometime today. They don’t have it on their site yet. Here’s a link to Faith’s twitter update Twitter / Faith_Salie: If you hate those “love padlocks” …

Today I’m heading to the G-Store, as soon as I get done posting this.

Then coming home and making breakfast and dinner. Then I’m off to work.

Have a GREAT day!