Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

Imagine for a second, that everyone you know is gone. You’re still the same person, what would you do?

Today is Saturday 02/09/V3.3 & its three times the fun of an hour.

That’s what I thought about it bed last night. I’d be the same Vernon J, but my friends & people I don’t like would be gone. What would I do? Well I’d probably post on twitter less, or at least read the updates less. Cause a majority of my posts are not conversations (I’m sure).

So today we get to go to work, for a bonus payment agreement. They call it overtime, I’m still not making enough money. BUT we gotta do what we gotta do.

The word of the day is irrefrangible which is not to be broken or violated; inviolable.

I’m here at the Omaha Press Club, waiting for the game that has been postponed because of (lack of) ice conditions.

Okay, I got nothing else. Look at this picture that I can’t upload.