Tonight’s Discussion

There is a report from a newspaper that Shamrock Development is planning to build a project at 10th & Capitol(northwest corner). I do not support this in the published report.

A. I’ve e-mailed Mike of Shamrock Development
B. I’m waiting for a response, I guess he doesn’t work evenings.

This is a bad idea for a couple reasons.

I. The City of Omaha doesn’t need to give another government entity $1,400,000.
II. The TIF is a bad idea, ALWAYS is.
III. Giving up the parking lot for the MECA arena, Convention Center, and Stadium is a bad idea.
IV. There is a perfectly fine lot at 14th & Dodge that is willing to accept this kind of developmental in downtown.

More legal discussion

The girl from York, NE who robbed a bank, stole a car & bragged about it on YouTube. She pleaded NOT GUILTY to those crimes. How can this happen time & time again, the disappointment is very high.  I think I shouldn’t did that whole law school thing when I was going to graduate in MMIII. I’d be a lawyer right now, fighting on the side of taxpayers and common sense.

Okay, that’s it for now. I’m done dissecting the media & legal system FOR NOW!

Quotes from the World for Thursday 02/07/MMXIII

One can prove or refute anything at all with words. Soon people will perfect language technology to such an extent that they’ll be proving with mathematical precision that twice two is seven.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904), Russian author, playwright. A student in Lights, Works, vol. 7, p. 138, “Nauka” (1976).

What do you mean earlier?

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

What do you mean you had me scheduled earlier. I clearly remember my appointment being Thursday morning. YOU know cause I have Thursday’s off & I got my last shot on Thursday.

Today is Thursday 02/07/V3.3 & it is a double kinda day.

I went to the Medical Doctor to get my shot. I went to the Eye Doctor to get my well eyes checked and new corrective lenses.

I’ve got the laundry in the dryer now, I could’ve washed the dishes. I didn’t, is that going to be a problem? That’s good cause I get off at 20.00, so I will have time before the FNP arrives.

These week’s FNP is sponsored by the number 30. That is the maximum number of points that University of Nebraska Omaha Mavericks (twitter hashtag #OMavsHockey) Hockey Team can have at the end of this weeks series with University of North Dakota Hockey.

The other sponsor of the FNP is Overtime, as it is “unlikely, but possible ” that I may work it from 9 to 12 on Saturday.

Speaking of things to do with UNO Hockey & Saturday. The Omaha Press Club is having a Skybox for the Outdoor game. You can make your reservations until 17.00 tonight. That gives you about 4 hours & some minutes after I post this.

Hold on, the alarm went off for the dryer. I have an extra XI mins, its that ole smart dryer that does think like readjust itself to ensure it is dry.

Just for the record when yelling at the #TeeVee the news people like Deanne can’t here you. YES the people at KMTV decided that #KMTVAction3News is now their official hashtag. I suggested & have used #A3N in the past. They could’ve also went with #KMTV. anything but what they have went with.

YES I’m a hashtag snob, today’s hashtag of the day is #time. Cause by time I realized it was Thursday, I didn’t have a hashtag ready, so I went with time. It is also about time that I go check my clothes again.

We are at 346+ words now. It was 346 when I started typing this sentance, so you know it is going to be above 346.

Did you know you can  Piccolo’s Florist is Nebraska’s Largest Florist (according to their website). …sometimes just because is good enough! & better enough because Valentine’s Day is just 7 Days Away. You can send me some Chocolates and/or Ice Cream to 10910 Mill Valley Rd. Omaha, NE 68154. I’ll be working Valentine’s Day due to me NOT having plans anymore.

The word of the day is gastronomy which is the art or science of good eating. Like a Sausage, Egg, & Cheese bagel from Bruegger’s Bagel.

Here’s a video to end this blog entry. I’ll have more to go, an in-depth review of things that upset me in the last XXIV to XXXVI hours.

This song came out in MMVII.

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Thursday-Eve,

YES today is Wednesday, but if you’re reading The Official Blog of Vernon J. Which you are, then you know that this is my 1st posts of the day.

Today is Wednesday 02/06/V3.3 & it was an ‘I wanna just sleep on this desk at work’

My day started at mere seconds before the alarm went off at 08.28, at least I think it was mere seconds. It could’ve been minutes. That is the benefit of NOT having  a clock in your sleeping area. I approve of that behavior, you should subscribe to it.

The word of the day is feuilleton which is a part of a European newspaper devoted to light literature, fiction, criticism, etc.

Well this is no feuilleton, it is being broadcast live from 41.263518, -95.973273. That’s Latitude and Longitude, it helps people fine their way. In 1884 it was determined by the International Meridian Conference that Greenwich would be the zero-reference line. Dominican Republic voted against this, while France and Brazil abstained. I don’t like people who abstain from a vote. STAND & be counted. btw the leader of Brazil didn’t have a President in 1884, that would explain their abstaining. The President of the Dominican Republic was Francisco Gregorio Billini, and the President of France was Jules Grévy. That’s enough history for now.

My day was more than expected & less then it should’ve been.

I was not at all excited to be at work, I literally wanted to just sleep. Job 1 is boring, and it is boring being there. I NEED MORE!

Had a good time at my connections class this week. Next week is Ash Wednesday & I also become mayor. Winning!!!

I hope you have a good day!!!

Vernon J & I don’t want you to be bald.