Quotes from the World for Monday 02/04/MMXIII

Most of us who turn to any subject we love remember some morning or evening hour when we got on a high stool to reach down an untried volume, or sat with parted lips listening to a new talker, or for very lack of books began to listen to the voices within, as the first traceable beginning of our love.

George Eliot
George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian) Evans] (1819–1880), British novelist, editor. Middlemarch, bk. 2, ch. 15 (1871).

You idea stealer

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

You still my idea, YOU STILL MY IDEA!!!

Today is Monday 02/04/V3.3 & it was fabulous.

I don’t have much on this day.

I made a pork roast into pulled pork starting at 03.00!

The word of the day is dyslogistic which is conveying disapproval or censure; not complimentary.

Make it a GREAT day!!!