Really Disgusting

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

The product that has barcode 0-18627-03203-8 isn’t that tasty. I won’t say any names, but you can research it.

Today is Tuesday 01/22/V3.3 and it was update day.

I updated my resume for the quarter. Have you updated your resume for the quarter or last? Speaking of quarters I owe you a quarterly update. I posted my last one on Monday 10/29/V3.3 so I have until Tuesday 01/29/V3.3 to post said update.

Come at me SEC about my quarterly reports.

The word of the day is gorgonize which is to affect as a Gorgon; hypnotize; petrify.

So I got my 1st of several B12 shots today. It was in my arm as where my last shot wasn’t in my arm.

I need to fix my dinner & lunch.

So that’s it for now.