My Letter to Lee, Mike, & Earl.

Dear Lee, Mike, & Ben


When you ran for Omaha City Council and the Governor of the GREAT State of Nebraska. You probably asked yourself one question. What can I do to make the citizens of Omaha/Nebraska better off? That’s the questions I asked myself when I decided to run for the Nebraska Unicameral in January of this year. Now as members of Congress you have to ask yourself a similar question.

What can I do to make the United States of America better? That question has lots of answers and we have lots of ways to get there.

YOU as a member of Congress have not been doing that, WE as citizens of the United States have not been demanding success from our leaders in this effort. You were elected to serve, and I trust you to do that. Your service is needed to end this Fiscal Cliff that is approaching us as a nation.

The President of the United States of America is failing us. The Speaker of the House of Representatives is failing us. The Senate Majority & Minority Leaders are failing us. The Majority & Minority Leaders of the House of Representatives are failing us.

We: Me, You, Your Colleagues, and our President have a duty to make this country better. I don’t have children yet, but this is who we are fighting for.

I want my children to proudly say that the United States of America is the best country to live in.

I will do what I can, will you make that promise that me?

I don’t care what it takes, but this is what you must do.

  • Balance the budget

  • Start making payments on the National Debt

If I have to pay a little more in taxes to get this done I’m willing.