It’s the classic

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

Its the classic, what did I do last night?

Today is Tuesday 12/04/V3.3 & it the book of First.

Well depend on when ‘night’ starts, I worked & came home. Got disappointed by a guy who thinks it is okay to promote domestic violence. It wasn’t cool then, it isn’t cool now.

The word of the day is pontificate which is to speak in a pompous or dogmatic manner.

What shall I talk about?

So apparently this fiscal cliff is coming in XXIX days. & our leaders (I use that term lightly) are acting like a bunch of babies. They apparently don’t actually care about making The United States of America a better and stronger country. This is unacceptable to ME & this should be unacceptable to YOU too. I urge you to contact your members of Congress & tell them so. Visit Contacting your Congressional  to find your Congressional member’s contact information. Do it today!!!

A good morning so far. ATM run, working. Sweeping leaves. Finding out it is National Cookie Day, gotta take advantage of these December Holidays.

Hope you make it a fantastic day!