The BIG time

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

So my instagram pictures are now being spammed, I think I’ve hit the big time. Follow me @FutureHusband

Today is Wednesday 10/31/V3.3 & it is my 1st 12.5 day of the week.

I was kept awake for a little while, someone asked me a question about my hashtag of the day. To prevent this incident in the future (ie tonight) I will explain today’s hashtag.

So yesterday Nicole commented about me having fun at work or something. I responded with.

So on Dancing with the Stars, or at least the last part I saw. People were crying cause they couldn’t believe someone got eliminated. Isn’t that the whole point of the show? Where does the surprise come in? Here’s your sign.

So I get to give out FREE candy today at my 1st shift

Bowl of Candy

So stop by & get some.

I then go to my other job, which is now Job Number One since my retirement from UNO. My first retirement.

The word of the day is lily-livered which is weak or lacking in courage; cowardly; pusillanimous.

So this morning I took the, what happened LXII years ago video. aka tool to gather information (e-mail address, relations alive in 1940, etc.) don’t let them fool you. So on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (8th), Friday (9th), or Saturday the 10th I might go to the Omaha Library.

OPL doesn’t have Book II of the Verona Trilogy (at this point), so I might have to spend upwards of $2 to $3 to get a version for my eReader. At least I don’t have to buy a book.

Anything else we need to talk about?

Vernon J out.