My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Thursday,

What tempature does water boil?
What tempature does water freeze?

This is NOT an intelligence test. I’m sure you’re smart (OR stupid) on a scale of 1.0E+0 to 1.0E+1.

I just mathed you again.

I am posting this on my lunch break (see how much I care about my readers?). I will post more after work.

Which I’m doing a BANG-up job on tinight.

Vernon J

*post lunch continutation

At 18.28 I hit the 12 hours of NO sleep. No nap today. I’m sure by time that it is all said & done it’ll be 18 hours.

At the current time (17.43) I’m planning to get to bed straight-away. We will see how that goes.

YUP something amazing happened. So Mike texted me & asked me if I checked my mail. NO I didn’t check my mail, I was you know working.

BUT I come home to an amazing invitation to Mike & Dawn’s wedding.

I can’t wait till Saturday 06/15/V3.4. I can’t make it to Hawaii, been there done that. Plus I’m penciled in for a trip to Wyoming in the Spring.

What else happened post work?

Nothing, Nothing, & Nothing.

We hit the 18 hour mark in 9 mins. I have watched The Big Bang Theory, I’m currently watching Person of Interest. It’ll be off here in a little bit.

I guess I’m primarily waiting for my bedroom to warm up.

That’s it for now, enjoy what I have shared.

Most people will say that water boils at 100 – degrees

Most people will say water freezes at 0 – degrees.

Yet you ask em how hot it is outside & they say something like 40 – degrees.

One of these are not like the other two. USE METRIC!!!