My Evening Reportaz`

Good Evening & Sad Face PB & Jelly sammich.

Well it has come to an end, 4 years & 4 months later. I’m officially retired as the mascot of University of Nebraska Omaha. All good things come to an end. All bad things come to an end too.

Saturday 01/20/V3.3 at 11.00 VST.

What else?

I will do a couple movie reviews (or talk about movies I watched in the last two days).

I watched Magic Mike, Mindi suggested it & I said yes. I didn’t realize that it was the stripper movie. BUT it was a good movie. The stripping wasn’t bad, it was really more erotic dancing.

I then watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. It took me about 10 hrs to watch, I watched the 1st half & then went to bed. GOT up & finished this movie.

I liked them. That is the extent of my movie reviews.

I just used my blow dryer, I spilled some water on my keyboard.

That’s my evening report.